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Leon J. McCauley

Director of Design-Build

Anna’s nearly decade of experience in interior design, facilities management, and construction brings a unique perspective to the design-build process. Her practical, no-nonsense, and service-driven approach to design, jurisdictional process, and pre-construction scheduling prompts a solution-based response to everyday project realities.

As Director of Design-Build at McCauley, Anna builds each project from concept to construction. Each client’s unique needs and priorities become the blueprint of project success. By crafting a design team with purpose and intentionality, she lays out a roadmap for financial, schedule, and project success—through every design decision.

Anna manages client relationships with a gracious and can-do attitude. Her service-driven approach to our team, our clients, and our subcontractors allows each client to breathe easy knowing that our team has all the details handled. At the heart of every McCauley project is a desire to see our clients profit from a creatively designed and exceptionally well-built space.

Anna has B.A. in Interior design from Harrington College of Design. Anna is entering her sixth year with McCauley and has also worked for Gensler Architects and Dell Computers.

McCauley Constructors is a leader in the industry. Their team is world-class but still approachable and humble. They are excellent problem solvers and always keep our bottom line in mind. We couldn’t be happier with our relationship with McCauley Constructors. The company’s attention to detail, focus on goals, and delivery of an innovative, quality project make McCauley our No. 1 choice.

Darwin Horan

CEO of Ventana Capital

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